Hi there!

My name is Gaurav Kuwar, and I am a Computer Science Student

Featured Projects

Sales Website – Furniture

Built a responsive furniture sales website HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as part of the EverUp Software Engineering Micro-Credential. Implemented features to display catalog of furniture, add the furniture to add using JavaScript sessionStorage and checkout with user information with forms. 

Tasty Express – Food Delivery Website

Designed and implemented features for the Food Delivery Website to meet project specification for Software Engineering Course at City College of New York.

Universal IR remote with IoT Device

Built and programmed an IoT device that transmits IR codes to control non-smart appliances (AC, TV, etc.) with Amazon Alexa and Apple Home App.

Course Schedule Database System

Designed and developed a Course Schedule Relational Database, and Python functions to populate, query, update,
insert and delete records for the Database Systems course at City College of New York.